“Activate Learning” was birthed in my heart long before this company ever began. It was birthed when I first saw a student, who I knew, had all the potential to succeed, and none of the confidence to do it. Watching fear of failure stopping students in their tracks, and often derailing their educational and life journey to success was a pain I could not ignore. From that point on, teaching skills and content became secondary when helping students achieve. I learned quickly that the greatest power I possessed to help students achieve was to help them believe, believe they were capable and had everything they needed to succeed.

I have been a certified teacher for over 25 years and this has afforded me many years of being both a teacher and a student of children.  I have worked as a classroom teacher, built my own tutoring business and spent many years working with students who have “unique learning styles”. I have learned many things over the years, but the most valuable lesson is simply, that all students have “unique learning styles” and in order to truly succeed, both as a student and in life, students need only do one thing. Put simply, by Pindar, a Greek philosopher, “Learn what you are and be such”. When we are, who we are, we are confident and when we are confident, we succeed.

Along with my husband, Morley, whose own journey included many years of working with children, as a youth and children’s pastor, children’s camp program director, counselor, puppeteer,  etc. we have set out to let children know, “They Can”.