We begin to form attitudes about ourselves from the moment we become self-aware and unfortunately many of the attitudes and beliefs we form about ourselves are negative and limiting in their effect. By the time we enter Kindergarten, we have already established a fairly strong set of beliefs. These beliefs then transform us into students that are anywhere on the spectrum from exceptional to struggling.

What we know, have learned or can do is not what makes us good or bad students, rather, what makes us good or bad students is what we believe about what we know, have learned or can do. ~ Mrs. Lorraine Soltys

When a child enters school they have to process a myriad of new experiences and information, this in and of itself can be overwhelming. Now add to that, little Johnny sitting beside Sally who looks over at Johnny’s art work and emphatically proclaims that Johnny’s picture is “ugly” and what you have is the beginning of a student’s negative self-image. Children are constantly adjusting the image they are creating about themselves as new experiences continue to define who they believe themselves to be, both as a student and a human being. It’s been said that it takes 10 positive statements to undo the effects of one negative thought or statement, and we all know that one negative thought tends to lead to numerous others.


So what can we do to ensure that our children are successful students? To begin with we must help our child form a belief system that sets them up for success before they even enter school. By the time a child enters Kindergarten they are already forming an attitude about their own abilities, which often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, “What they believe is what they achieve.” They are either on a road which builds confidence and nurtures achievement or they are on a road which leads to struggle and possible failure.

The Activate Learning programs are designed to teach children to observe their experiences without judgement. In other words, Johnny needs to be able to look at his picture and be content with it regardless of how it is judged. True success through learning comes not from getting everything right, but from being willing to try, even if it means getting things wrong.


 Mistakes in learning exist only in the minds of students, for mistakes are truly only opportunities for learning.


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