Lorraine Soltys has been the contact teacher for my children for the past 5 years.  She is a talented teacher who is respected and admired by students and parents alike.  She understands that each student has a unique style of learning and uses teaching styles that are complementary.  Although this requires countless hours of preparation, she willingly takes the time, because it is important to her.

Her students not only learn, but enjoy learning.  They also love the fun she brings to the classroom.  Competitions, games and prizes are regular components of her teaching and any of her past students will eagerly tell you about some prize that they earned. “Mrs. Soltys” is one of those teachers whose name will be mentioned years from now as grown students reminisce about their best teachers.

Nicole Nordine



Lorraine Soltys is a skilled and caring teaching professional. She excels at helping children develop foundation skills that new skills can be built upon. She is particularly gifted at working with primary-aged children because she understands and appreciates the unique individuals that they are. Her enthusiasm and expertise unite to create engaging and educational experiences for children. It has been a privilege to see Lorraine’s students grow into confident learners during the six years I have worked with her.

Michelle Seaboyer